Conversion of Minivans
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Any bus should not simply transport people, but first of all - guarantee their safety, provide comfort and convenience, meet to requirements of a lot of various standards. Well and in addition it should please an eye both passengers inside and simple passers-by. This uneasy business we also are engaged.



Company"Universal-LTD" is activity concerned with converting of mini vans. Company founded in 1989.

Before 1996 we produced seats and bumpers for local minibus plant "RAF", we had designed and produced different kind of minibuses - the passenger' s vehicles with improved interior, luxurious minibuses with convertible saloon,Police-cars and another special purpose vehicles.

Before august 1998 we produced and sold to Russia about 20 vehicles(buses and ambulances on base of Russian "GAZEL")

This time we are working only on a local market in cooperation with Latvian dealers, who is selling commercial vehicles. We are working with individual customers either.

The personnel which is working in our company are specialists and engineers from former factory "RAF" which used to produce minivans. At the present time there are 54 people working.


Managing Director 

Michael Karsten


"Univrsāls LTD"

Aviacias Str. 6

Jelgava, LV3002, Latvia

Phone +(371)63024861

GSM +371 29102125 (English)