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UniMobil – the vehicle intended for transportation of people with limited physical opportunities, including in invalid carriages. Capacity of 9-16 passengers. It is offered three variants of execution of interior: the most universal, but also – special developing seats Flexus2 and rotary seats FlexusPro are established by road on an aluminum floor with the longitudinal structures allowing easily and quickly to transform interior over a wide range, adapting it under current needs of the owner of the car. The second variant assumes installation on a standard floor of seats Vogel ECO-10, the part from them is established in a back part of interior with quick-detachable devices. This variant is cheaper, but not such universal, as the first. And, at last, the third and cheapest variant, but also the least universal, assumes installation of bus seats Uni2/Uni4 on a standard bus floor. Any of the mentioned variants provides an opportunity of installation of one or several invalid carriages. Along the body sides and behind the driver there are hand-rails, near the sliding door the additional footstep with the electric drive is established. At a back two-folding door the ramp or the lift can be established. Seat cushions could be covered by a special antiseptic urina stable upholstery.


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